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The right code. Our motto says it all. We provide the highest quality coding available. Forget unsupportable, undocumented, inexplicable patched-together spaghetti code that just does not work, and forget disappearing support. If do it, we do it right. Period. Or we won't take the job in the first place.

Start-up Services

Have an idea, but don't know how to make it happen? We can help you determine how to make it work by doing initial concept, marketing and sales studies. Need a prototype? We can make your idea physical reality. We also offer start-up funding advice.

Upwork Profile Error

Clients should be aware that hours worked on FIXED JOBS are not counted towards the "total hours worked" number in the freelancer profile. Only hours from hourly jobs are counted. When clients set a "minumum hours worked" limit for proposals, they are excluding freelancers who work long-term jobs for salary, who are many of the most reliable and stable employees. For example, my profile says 16 hours, but the actual total is 296, through Upwork.


Ongoing updates and expansion of online systems. Coming soon: Expansion into a completely new and tremendous market.


automate your last wishes.


Navigate in space independent of Earth-based or any other external systems.


Realistic Expectations (Jan 19, 2016)

Too many times I see RFQ's (Request for Quote) or job descriptions on the gig…