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mobile fitness device site

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another back-of-the-napkin design made reality -- although this design initially had one of the most detailed description documents I have seen, in the long run most of what was needed was not in the description. It was like an artist had written instructions for how to overhaul a engine. This do-hickey should twirl and that do-hickey should wiggle, but nothing about how or why... So, I had to supply all the logic myself.

The first part was relatively easy -- aggregate data from three websites automatically, and in the background. With limited (and late) test accounts, this was a challenge, but the results were impressive.

BTW -- the owner originally wanted to connect to the fitness devices (like fitbit) directly. This turned out to be prohibitively expensive, so, my solution was to use the manufacturer's websites to collect the data first, then link the SoulAthlete accounts to each vendor site for automatic background updates.

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